Health & Safety

Health & Safety


Our team has taken all steps in order to ensure you have a pleasant and safe holiday however, please note that safety standards and regulations do vary from country to country therefore, safety levels in all our properties are assessed in accordance with these.
It is highly recommended that all clients take precautions to safeguard their own safety and that of their family and guests, especially children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

General Safety

In general, we would suggest you exercise the same cautions and care that you would at home.
Once you arrive at the villa, take some time to familiarise yourself with all interior and exterior areas.

  • look around the garden of the villa in daylight to familiarise yourself with any drop-offs, low walls or steep descents.
  • remember that children may be less careful than adults in new ambience and surroundings thus, take extra care with children on stairs, balconies and around water at all times, but mainly during the 1st day when everything is unfamiliar. There is no substitute for parental vigilance.

Child Safety

  • please exercise caution as children will be in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • high chairs may not have a harness. Please do not leave children unattended in a high chair and ensure they are secure.
  • It is possible that cots provided in villas are travel cots.

Children’s Safety Around the Pool

  • children should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times around the pool area.
  • Buoyancy aids, armbands and rubber rings are not a substitute for parental vigilance.
  • make sure you check the maximum depths of the main pool and any children’s pool, and note where the pool changes depth.
  • please ensure that children remain in view at all times and are protected, especially small children and weak swimmers.
  • the signs “no diving” and “no running around the pool” apply to children and adults.
  • diving is not permitted either from the side of the pool or from diving boards.
  • do not lift or remove the pool filter covers or try to adjust the chlorine levels or pH controls balance.
  • walk and do not run around the pool.
  • swimming at night is not recommended. Take extra care should you choose to swim at night.
  • no breakable items such as drinking glasses, glass bottles, etc. are to be used around the pool.
  • inside furniture is to be kept inside the villa and not taken to the pool.

Infinity Pools

Due to the design of infinity pools, some have significant drops from the far edge. Please be aware of these, especially with children, and observe the above precautions. Please avoid the use of inflatable items (eg lilos) in infinity pools.

Fire Safety

  • when you arrive take time to familiarise yourself with the emergency exit routes where applicable.
  • read any safety information of your villa.
  • make a note of how to raise the alarm in case of fire.
  • please make sure that cigarettes are smoked outside and fully extinguished.
  • make sure all candles are extinguished before going to bed or leaving the villa.
  • in the event of fire, leave the property immediately.
  • do not stop to pack or collect your belongings.
  • stay calm and do not panic.
  • exit the building as quickly as possible closing all doors behind you.

Electricity and Gas

  • all gas and electric appliances have been checked to ensure that they comply with the relevant safety standards.
  • please read thoroughly any instructions given.
  • please ensure that all gas and electric devices are turned off at night or when you are not in your villa or room.


Take extra care on balconies. Children should never be left unsupervised or:

  • allowed to climb on furniture.
  • allowed to climb or railings.
  • allowed to sit on or lean over balconies or railings.

Glass Doors

Where large glass doors are fitted please take extra care especially in bright sunlight as it is not always obvious whether they are open or closed. Serious injury can occur if care is not taken.


It is recommended that you avoid the sun’s strongest hours during the day. Always use a high degree of sun protection suitable for your skin type.

  • children should always wear a hat and have their shoulders covered.
  • avoid exposing babies under six months to direct sunlight.


  • do not feed, pet or play with any wild or domesticated animals.
  • keep children from playing near wild or domesticated animals.
  • please use litter bins provided and replace lids where fitted, thus discouraging wasps and vermin.

Personal Safety

  • look after your personal belongings and use safety deposit facilities where available in order to ensure that personal items are not left on display.
  • please contact your local representative to report any breakages or damage in the property. Do not try to fix it on your own.

Beach Safety

  • Even a safe beach can be dangerous under certain weather conditions.
  • be aware of depths, tides and currents.
  • take local advice and respect any warnings of strong currents.
  • swim along the shore and not out to sea.
  • do not swim alone or at night or allow children to swim unsupervised at any time.
  • Be cautious when using inflatable boats or lilos on open water.
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