Italy is one of a kind destination in nature, history and creativity. Its charm is expressed in its ambience, in its craftmanship, in its gastronomy, in its magnificent perception of the quality of life as “dolce vita”. Our portfolio has been expanded in this region of the Mediterranean with a selection of distinctive properties encompassing the fairy-tale countryside of Tuscany, fascinating Umbria, emblematic Apulia, cinematic Amalfi and marvelous Sicily.

Tuscany remains an all time classic destination with charming sceneries and unique landscapes of green hillsides. It consists of ten provinces – Arezzo, Florence, Livorno, Grosseto, Massa and Carrara, Lucca, Pisa, Prato, Pistoia and Siena- each of them indicating a distinct experience. The cinematic beauty of this land of colour, the local culture and lifestyle, the art and history as well as the magical pieces of architecture that embrace nature form an earthly home for its otherworldy abundance.

The vineyards of Tuscany are notably popular and it is worth visiting for wine tasting in the lands with diverse and distinctive features. Several fiestas and festivals are taking place to celebrate the “Vendemmia” (grape harvest). Other popular events include the Cortona Tuscan Sun Festival, the Feast of San Giovanni in Florence, the Palio horse racing in Siena and others.

Tuscany Villas
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