Italy is one of a kind destination in nature, history and creativity. Its charm is expressed in its ambience, in its craftmanship, in its gastronomy, in its magnificent perception of the quality of life as “dolce vita”. Our portfolio has been expanded in this region of the Mediterranean with a selection of distinctive properties encompassing the fairy-tale countryside of Tuscany, fascinating Umbria, emblematic Apulia, cinematic Amalfi and marvelous Sicily.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, a destination that combines the Hellenic, Roman, Arab, Byzantine and Norman cultural elements. It is known for its 77 nature reserves and the 5 regional parks as well as the volcanoes, the beautiful beaches the undulating hills, the unique architecture shaped by several civilisations, the art and lastly the exceptional cuisine.

Sicilian cuisine has strong African and Arab influences and the flavours are mixed with Italian recipes and traditional flavours. Apart from pasta and seafood dishes, it is worth tasting the popular street food of Catania and Palermo as well as the varieties of meat and salami.

The island’s capital, Palermo, has an abundance of choices to visit, plenty of restaurants and cafes, sights such as the Cathedral, Zisa Castle known for its collection of islamic and local art, Teatro Argento, the neoclassical Massimo Theatre and others.

Sicily Villas
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