About us

About us

Royal Blue is the shade of blue that surrounds the Greek islands.

Everything started during a journey to the Ionian sea that we admired the view and the power of the sea thinking simultaneously that this shade is such an integral part of Greece and its islands that made us want to form a portfolio of villas in unique and unspoiled locations with this view. A portfolio in which our clientele can witness this beauty, the most vital part of Greek nature, fine lifestyle and culture.

Thus we established a trusted company with a network of villas of specific criteria capable to provide magical views, comfort, serenity and make you feel sitting back and enjoying its ambience but most of all to make you feel part of it.

We started from Corfu, the so-called Queen of the Ionian Islands, a title based on its glorious past, the connection with European royal families, the unique culture and architecture influenced by the French and Venetians and its natural beauty and landscape. Then came Paxos, an unspoiled island covered by wild olive fields, with many hidden treasures to explore and turquoise crystal waters to swim in. Year by year we aim to add properties in unique destinations that can promise lifetime experiences.

Our portfolio of villas are carefully chosen based on specific criteria assuring that they will offer you privacy, comfort, freedom and stunning views. We aim to provide upscale villas aligned to the local culture and combined with exceptional service.

To stay true to our philosophy and to make sure we deliver an excellent product, our team visits all villas so that we can have a first hand experience not only of the villa but also of the surrounding area and local culture. Our local agents have in-depth knowledge and they are always happy to assist you on your holiday plan by advising you about activities, must-see places and sights or by making recommendations on restaurants etc.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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